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10 Years With Shift

In the past ten years at Shift, we’ve transformed our clients’ businesses and also our own. Join us in taking a look back.

IoT—The More You Know

If you’ve followed technology trends over the last decade, you’ve inevitably seen Internet of Things or IoT pop up on lists of important technologies. Let’s take a deeper dive.

Building a static site with Hugo and Webpack

Hugo is great tool for creating quick, easy to use, static sites. Join Tegan as she walks you through how to build a static site using Hugo and Webpack.

Using Action Cable with React Native

Join Tegan in this hands on tutorial as she shows you how you can build a chat app using rails and React Native.

Navigating the Unknown

Bringing a killer product idea to life and to market quickly can be hard. But it's possible when you leverage Minimum Viable Product (MVP) validation.

GA4: New Analytics, Say What?

Changes can be scary but we’ve done a deep dive into Google Analytics 4, tested things out ourselves and we’re here to help you navigate the changes.

Conversational AI for Marketing, Mental Health and More

With billions of people using messaging services, the market for AI chatbots has exploded. Let's speculate on the future of affective computing.

Is Native Worth It?

With the emergence of cross-platform frameworks, is a native, mobile application still worth the investment?

Make a Shift With Artificial Intelligence

From startups to tech heavyweights, AI is playing a role in creating efficient, effective and responsive companies. Here’s what you need to know.