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7 Reasons You Should Hire a Software Consultant

Is bringing on a software consultant the right thing for your business? Learn the top reasons why you should consider working with one.

Your Cybersecurity Best Practices Guide

Cybersecurity threats are everywhere. Start implementing these cybersecurity best practices to protect your users’ information and website.

Keeping It Agile

Over the years Shift has embraced agile methodologies to better understand our clients’ journeys and define destinations while staying flexible along the way.

Building Consistent Mobile App Designs

Learn how we used Google’s Material Design and Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines to create consistent mobile app designs and meet user expectations.

The End of Flashy Websites

As of this past December, Adobe and all major browsers no longer support Flash. Luckily, website animations won't be going away anytime soon.

7 Tools For Remote Collaboration

To help you and your remote team get back into a collaborative groove, we compiled a list of our favorite remote collaboration tools.

Ready For a Digital Transformation?

Technology has the ability to generate unimaginable outcomes for your business. Navigate a digital transformation with these best practices.