Our front-end developers work closely with our UI/UX team to design and build out beautiful and usable experiences. The ideal candidate will have knowledge and experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript with a strong ambition to explore other front-end development frameworks, patterns and paradigms.


  • Design and build out user interfaces and experiences
  • Adhere to coding styles and development best practices
  • Work closely with our software engineering team to ensure the design and experience is also functional
  • Work directly with our clients to determine, understand and execute their needs
  • Applying Agile principles to iteratively and rapidly create products that the client will love
  • Improving the operation of our business by analyzing policies and procedures and recommending changes


  • Strong ability to translate designs into functional, responsive interfaces
  • Expertise with core front-end technologies HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Understanding of modern CMS platforms (WordPress, Craft, etc.)
  • Utilized version control systems such as in Git

Bonus Points

  • Ability to detail functional requirements of a project
  • Designing and prototyping using Sketch or Adobe Creative Cloud applications
  • Experience developing within MVC Frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and Laravel
  • Understanding and experience with modern JavaScript (Node, ES6, Webpack, React, Vue, etc.)
  • Interest and willingness to contribute to open-source software