Our back-end developers work closely with our software engineering team to architect, develop and thoroughly test web applications. The ideal candidate will have knowledge and experience in Ruby on Rails or a similar web framework with a strong ambition to explore other web development frameworks, patterns and paradigms.


  • Develop and maintain web applications throughout the entire development process
  • Write thorough and maintainable tests to ensure quality and product stability
  • Adhere to coding styles and development best practices
  • Work closely with our UI/UX team to ensure a quality design and experience
  • Work directly with our clients to determine, understand and execute their needs
  • Applying Agile principles to iteratively and rapidly create products that the client will love
  • Improving the operation of our business by analyzing policies and procedures and recommending changes


  • Experience in developing web applications in Ruby on Rails or similar technology
  • Strong understanding of SQL and ability to write performant database queries
  • Enough skill in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to be dangerous
  • Fluent on the command line and using various UNIX tools

Bonus Points

  • TDD, continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Refactoring, design patterns, and software architecture principles such as SOLID and DRY
  • Performance and load testing and optimization
  • Web security principles and tools
  • Deployment and infrastructure automation
  • Usability testing, A/B testing, behavior measurement and analysis
  • Interest and willingness to contribute to open-source software